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Egg Safety. Tips every cook should know. Get cracking.

Reviewed 12/5/2021

Egg Safety

Eggs are a staple in most households. But not every cook knows how to handle them. And when mistakes happen, food poisoning can occur.

To avoid getting sick, follow these easy tips for when buying, storing and cooking eggs.

How to buy eggs

  • Only buy eggs that have been kept cold.
  • Don't buy cracked eggs.
  • White eggs and brown eggs are similar in nutrition.

How to store eggs

  • Keep the refrigerator temperature at 40 degrees or lower.
  • Place eggs in the main part of the refrigerator (not the door).
  • Store eggs in their original carton.
  • Keep track of the expiration date.

How to cook eggs

  • Cook eggs thoroughly to kill salmonella and other bacteria that may be inside.
  • Cook eggs until the yolks are solid.
  • Refrigerate hard boiled eggs within 2 hours. Use within 1 week.

Sources: U.S. Food and Drug Administration; U.S. Department of Agriculture

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