Nov. 16, 2018—Not all teens who were abused or neglected as children contemplate suicide later in life. Now a new study reveals why some do. It found a strong link between poor mother-daughter...
Nov. 15, 2018— It's true: Quitting smoking is easier said than done. But it's definitely doable—and one thing that helps? Tapping into the many stop-smoking tools that are available today...
Nov. 14, 2018—Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that raises the risk of potentially deadly health problems, such as heart disease and hard-to-control high blood pressure. Those with sle...
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Dine wisely with diabetes during the holidays

You can still enjoy your favorite foods if you follow these tips.

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Diabetes risk assessment

Diabetes risk assessment

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Cost of smoking calculator

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Turkey safety

Turkey safety

Find out how long it will take to safely thaw and cook a turkey.

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