Jan. 27, 2020—The effects of drinking alcohol can be felt in as little as 10 minutes when you're having drinks with friends. But it takes much longer for it to leave your body. Alcohol can impa...
Jan. 26, 2020—In the midst of this year's flu season, you want to keep your hands as germ-free as possible. But if you regularly reach for hand sanitizer, it pays to know a few key facts, starti...
Jan. 25, 2020—It's winter squash season. If you've been cooking with this delicious ingredient, you might want to consider saving the seeds. All it takes is a little roasting and toasting to tur...
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Get the facts about hepatitis C

It's a leading cause of liver disease, liver cancer and liver transplants.

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Kids and gift safety

Kids and gift safety

Do you know how to tell if a gift is safe for a child?

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Exercise facts and myths

Exercise facts and myths

The latest activity guidelines make it clear that we should move more, sit less.

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Fireplace safety: Master these fireside tips

Fireplace safety: Master these fireside tips

Learn six tips for building a safe fire this winter.

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