May 27, 2019—User beware: The app you turn to for help with a health issue may be sharing your data without your knowledge or consent, a new study shows. It looked at 36 top-ranked smartphone ...
May 26, 2019—Good weather might have you thinking of firing up the grill this weekend. Backyard barbecues bring families and friends together. But outdoor cooking and warmer weather can incr...
May 25, 2019—When it comes to bone health, your diet can make a huge difference. Choosing the right foods can help you build and maintain strong bones—and may help you avoid the bone-t...
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Take your pick of summer sunscreens

Heading out to stock up on sunscreen for summertime fun? Use this guide to make smart shopping choices.

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Stroke risk assessment

Stroke risk assessment

Learn more about your risk for stroke.

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How to shake the salt habit

How to shake the salt habit

Too much salt in your diet? Here are some ways to cut back.

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Time for a sleep study?

Time for a sleep study?

Find out if a sleep test might be worth talking to your doctor about.

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