Aug. 16, 2019—Is it time to replace the EpiPen you carry in case of a severe allergic reaction? If so, reports about an EpiPen shortage may worry you, but other epinephrine autoinjectors are ava...
Aug. 15, 2019—People who build their diets around plant-based foods might just dish up a healthier future too, according to a new study. Harvard researchers analyzed the health data of o...
Aug. 14, 2019—As teens grow up, parents have to walk a fine line between helping them navigate the world and encouraging them to stand on their own. And that's something many parents struggle wi...
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Lose a little, gain a lot

These three tips can help you eat less and shed some of those extra pounds.

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Avoiding illness at school

Avoiding illness at school

The common cold is just one of the many infectious diseases that can show up in schools.

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Is my child being bullied?

Keep an eye out for these signs.

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Skin cancer signs

Skin cancer signs

Learn the ABCDEs of melanoma.

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