Sept. 20, 2018—Did you know that marijuana is the most commonly used recreational drug by breastfeeding moms? Now, a new study shows that the drug's mind-altering component, tetrahydrocannabinol...
Sept. 19, 2018—Weight-loss drugs have a history of causing cardiovascular problems. But a new study shows that the weight-loss drug lorcaserin doesn't increase the risk of heart problems. It's g...
Sept. 18, 2018—If you've heard of E. coli, you probably know it's a type of bacteria that can make you ill. Now, a new study suggests the E. coli found in the fresh chicken and turkey products y...
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5 ways to make your home safer from falls

Older adults are particularly vulnerable to having a serious injury or even dying from a fall. These tips can help you stay steady on your feet.

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Know your fats

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Cholesterol management quiz

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Car seat selection guide

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