July 22, 2019—Using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device while sleeping helps ward off depression in people with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) who also have heart and blood vessel...
July 21, 2019—Squinting in the sun and shopping for shades? Then don't lose sight of this: Sunglasses are more than a fashion statement. They can protect your eyes from some serious harm. ...
July 20, 2019—It can happen in mere minutes: What's meant to be a fun day at the swimming pool turns tragic. Summertime means pool time in many backyards and community centers. It's a gre...
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Get rid of pain medicine you don't need

Properly disposing of unused pain medicines reduces the risk that they'll be misused by someone who finds them.

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6 sun safety essentials

A few key items can save you from a painful sunburn.

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Why skin exams are important

Spend some time in front of the mirror getting to know your skin.

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Heat illness quiz

Heat illness quiz

How much do you know about staying safe in hot weather? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

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