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A man holds his hand out with "HELP!" written on the palm.

Thinking of suicide? Reach out for support

4 places you can turn to for help.

Fish, oil, avocados, seeds and nuts on a wood table.

How to eat to lower your cholesterol

7 habits that make a real difference.

A man and a healthcare provider discuss a box of medicine.

4 facts to know about ivermectin and COVID-19

Understand the evidence and the risks.

A patient and a healthcare provider look at a tablet together.

Ovarian cancer: Making sense of your risk

Know the risk factors, symptoms and what comes next.

A close-up of a woman's hands holding a smartphone.

Is social media hurting your mental health?

Try these tips for striking a healthier balance.

A woman in a face masks sits on a couch looking at a thermometer. A cat supervises.

Understanding COVID-19 breakthrough infections

Why they happen and what it means for you.

A view of someone's lap from above with a checkbook, calculator and notebook.

Keeping the cost of diabetes in check

Try these budget-friendly basics.

Two masked grade school kids touching elbows in a school hallway.

Masks in class: How parents can help

4 tips to help kids mask up at school.

A woman lies in bed with her hand on her forehead.

Is it sepsis?

Find out who's at risk and how to prevent it.

A man holds a scan of his digestive system.

Start these 3 screenings younger

This is news you need if you're in your 30s, 40s or 50s.

A woman walks a dog through autumn leaves.

Walk your way to better health

7 great reasons to step out your door.

Two people next to a representation of gut bacteria. A checklist reads "Good flora." Illustration.

Tips for a balanced microbiome

How to take care of your body's good bugs.

A woman sits on a couch with a laptop.

Get the facts on COVID-19 vaccine side effects

Not everything you hear is true.

Gloved hands inserting a syringe into someone's upper arm.

Make a plan to prevent flu and COVID-19

Rev up your body's defenses this flu season.

A woman loads suitcases into the back of a car.

6 tips for safer Labor Day travel

Here are your rules of the road for a safer Labor Day trip.

A pair of manicured hands resting on a towel next to nail polish and lilacs.

Healthy nails: Do you know how to get them?

The truth about nail care is right here at your fingertips.

A group of teens in face masks pose for a selfie.

A back-to-school guide for LGBTQIA2S+ teens

Here's how to be your child's biggest supporter.

A couple smiles at a pregnancy test stick.

COVID-19 shots: Safe during all stages of pregnancy

Learn the latest about vaccine safety for pregnant women.

A masked woman wearing a tank top looks at her watch.

Make the most of your wearable

Get inspired to get fit with these fun challenges.

A healthcare provider gives a young man a vaccine

FDA gives full approval to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

Now is the time to get your shot.


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