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The mind-body connection

Whole health includes your mind and your body. Are you taking care of your whole self? May is mental health awareness month, and a great time to cultivate mind fitness with our top 10 tips.


You can’t always control what happens in your life. But you can choose how you respond. 
When you know your stress triggers, eliminate toxic habits, and make time for self-care, you can change your experience of life for the better. 

Mind fitness is key to making the most of life’s ups and downs. In honor of May Mental Health Awareness month, we’re sharing our top favorite ways to cultivate mind fitness.

  1. Breathe. Try taking a few deep breaths when you’re stuck in line, caught in traffic, or in situations that usually cause you stress. 

  2. Give meditation a try. This mind-and-body practice increases calmness and physical relaxation, improves psychological balance, and enhances wellness.

  3. Tap into your creativity. Take a class, make art, join a choir or band, cook something new — anything that sparks your creative interest is a way to relax and re-energize.

  4. Volunteer your time or talent. It’s a wonderful way to shift your attention away from nagging daily concerns and focus on the needs of others.

  5. Go outside. Spending time outdoors, especially walking in nature, can improve memory and focus, lower blood pressure, boost mental health, increase energy, and more! 

  6. Write it out. Feeling overwhelmed, upset, or scattered? Grab some paper and start writing. Putting pen to paper helps clear our minds and gain clarity. 

  7. Feed your body well. Whole foods and lots of water gives you the fuel to tackle whatever the day, week, or year may bring.  

  8. Get quiet. Challenge yourself to spend five minutes each day in total silence. It’s a quick way to bring mindfulness to your day for a quick refresh. 

  9. Treat yourself. Whether it’s a fancy latte, watch your favorite sports team with friends, or taking extra time for your favorite hobby, small rewards make a big difference in your mood and overall outlook.

  10. Make sleep a priority. While not everyone needs the same amount of sleep, we all need it to protect our health. Maximize your zzz’s by removing devices and TV from the place you sleep.

Beyond these 10 ideas, there are boundless ways to care for your whole health. Today’s the day to begin some new habits for a happier, more resilient you!

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