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Take your next step for health with

Take your next step for health with 

Boost mental health. Combat diabetes. Prevent opioid misuse. 

Mobilize AZ is inspiring health across the state with our expanded website. Now you—and all Arizonans—can find information and take action to boost mental health, combat diabetes, and prevent opioid misuse. 

Here is what’s waiting for you on

Mental Health
Discover the importance of mental health, how to sustain mind fitness, and where to get support:

  • Get the facts about depression, anxiety, and suicide—and how they affect all age groups
  • Find local resources for mental health treatment
  • Learn how you can help end the stigma that keeps people from seeking help 
  • Get ideas and tools to strengthen mind fitness 

Find educational resources and ideas for preventing and managing diabetes:

  • Learn what diabetes is, the difference between the two types, and how it’s treated 
  • Find out how to prevent type 2 diabetes
  • Get a step-by-step plan for living with diabetes
  • Take advantage of related BCBSAZ programs: Nourishing Arizona and “Get Fit. Don’t Quit!”

Substance Use Disorder 
Learn the facts about opioid misuse, how to prevent it, and where to get help:

  • Understand the signs of misuse, addiction, and overdose 
  • Find locations for safe and easy drug disposal
  • Learn how to take action for prevention, treatment, and overdose
  • Download our free infographic and brochure

News, events, and resources
You can be part of Mobilize AZ. Here’s how:

  • Community events: Find upcoming events that offer support for mental health conditions, diabetes, and opioid misuse
  • Mobilize AZ news: Learn about the MobilizeAZ initiative and the work being done by organizations that have received a Mobilize AZ grant
  • Resources: Get free downloadable materials and links to tips
  • Grant program: Learn about the Mobilize AZ grant program and how to get involved 

Visit to get a wide range of support for a healthier, more resilient you—and the people who matter to you.

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