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Are you immune to COVID-19?

If you've had COVID-19, does that mean you're immune to the coronavirus?

People who have recovered from COVID-19 usually have antibodies against the virus. That may offer them some protection from getting infected again. But scientists aren't sure how strong that protection is or how long it lasts.

It might depend on how severe the original infection was. A more severe infection might result in a higher level of immunity. A mild infection could lead to a lower level of immunity.

Infected again? It's possible

There have also been a handful of cases where a person has had a second infection after recovering from the first. In some of them, the second infection proved worse than the first.

These cases of reinfection show that people who have had COVID-19 may still be at risk from the virus. That means they still need to follow safety guidelines, such as:

  • Wearing face masks.
  • Staying 6 feet away from others in public.
  • Washing their hands often.
  • Not touching their eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.

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