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A closer look at consent

Yes means yes

7 things to know about consent

1. Talking about it won't kill the mood. Intimacy is better when partners feel comfortable and safe.

2. You never owe your partner sex. That's neither consent nor respect.

3. Consent is always verbal. Flirting, wearing certain clothes or not saying "no" isn't consent.

4. Consent is freely given. You can't consent while under the influence of alcohol or drugs or because of pressure.

5. You need consent every time. That's true even if you've had sex with the person in the past or you're in a relationship.

6. Consent is a two-way street. Both partners should ask for and give consent.

7. You can change your mind. Let your partner know if you're no longer comfortable and want to stop.

Sources: National Domestic Violence HotlineRape, Abuse & Incest National Network 

Reviewed 10/19/2022

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