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Build your teen's trust in the doctor

Teens need a doctor they can trust. Trust makes it easier to get the best care possible. And it may make it easier for them to ask about sensitive issues—like mental health, relationships and substance use. You can help your teen get a good doctor-patient relationship off the ground with these tips.

Teens and doctors: 4 ways for parents to help build the trust

1. Keep up with checkups. Teens need wellness visits every year.

2. Give them time alone. Step out so they can talk one-on-one with the doc.

3. Respect your teen's privacy. What they tell the doctor is confidential.

4. Give them responsibility. Let your teen start to make some healthcare decisions.

Sources: American Academy of Family Physicians; American Academy of Pediatrics; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Reviewed 5/17/2023



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