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The BCBSAZ Foundation for Community & Health Advancement grants over $1.3 million

The Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona Foundation for Community & Health Advancement has announced grant awards of $1.3 million to 19 Arizona community organizations addressing mental health. 

The Foundation tackles our state’s toughest health challenges – mental health, substance use disorder, chronic health conditions, and health equity – and is making a $5 million investment in mental health over three years.

Even before COVID-19 caused a sharp spike in stress, anxiety, and depression, more than 13% of Arizona adults said they struggled with frequent mental distress. Arizona is trailing many other states in addressing mental health. It’s 38th in the nation for lives lost to suicide and 42nd when it comes to access to mental healthcare according to America’s Health Rankings 2021 Report


The Foundation has boldly committed to investing in mental health programs and applied research through its 2022 grant opportunities. The funds will support efforts to expand statewide resources, reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, and connect people to care.     


The Foundation team is excited to announce these mental health grantees! 


Meet the grantees 

Click here to learn more about the Foundation’s grant opportunities and meet the grantees! 

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