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Empty blood vials lying on top of a pathology form.

Hepatitis C: What you need to know

Half of people with the virus don't know they have it.

Silhouettes of five women. Illustration.

Why diabetes is different for women

Being a woman raises the risk for some complications.

A woman with a serious expression stands in front of urban buildings.

COVID-19 vaccines: Finding your reason why

5 things to consider if you're on the fence.

A stormy sky with a bolt of lightning.

Do you believe these lightning myths?

What to know to protect yourself and others.

A woman asleep in bed.

Is melatonin a safe sleep solution?

Fast facts about this popular sleep aid.

Two smiling women outdoors in tank tops.

Outsmart summer migraines

6 seasonal triggers to watch out for.

A woman standing outside wearing a hat, sunglasses and a long-sleeved shirt.

The UV index: Numbers to know for sun protection

Learn when and how to shield yourself from sun damage.

Older woman feeding avocado toast to spouse.

COVID-19: The loss of smell often comes back

This common symptom likely won't last long.

A dog runs on a leash followed by two women.

Don't risk leaving pets in the car

It's hotter than you think.

A child in a life jacket swims on a paddle board with an adult and other kids nearby.

Have a safer swim

What to do if anyone in your group is unvaccinated.

A newly hatched chicken stands by a broken egg shell.

Keeping backyard poultry: How to get started safely

Here are some do’s and don’ts for keeping your family and your flock healthy.

A campfire at night with a silhouette in the background.

Do your part to prevent wildfires

Enjoy and protect the great outdoors this summer.

A bee pollinating a flower.

Be prepared for a bee sting

How to safely stop the sting.

Two girls with backpacks holding hands as they walk down the street.

Get kids ready mentally to go back to school

How to help ease their back-to-school anxiety.

Yellow sunglasses on a red background. Illustration.

Quiz: What do you look for in sunglasses?

Shopping for shades? This quiz can help you choose wisely.

A man rests his hand on his chin near the window of a coffee shop.

4 myths about men and intimate partner violence

Let's put these common misconceptions to rest.

A child with a cast on her arm sits in an exam room with a parent and a doctor.

Quiz: Where do you go when you need help fast?

Is it a case for urgent care or the ER? Test your knowledge.

A platter of watermelon, cheese and blueberries arranged like an American flag.

Patriotic plates for your holiday weekend

Go ahead—play with your food this Fourth of July.

A woman in a head scarf hugs her knees to her chest.

Coping with cancer fatigue

Tips for keeping up your strength.

A woman swaps heels for walking shoes in an office setting.

Living with diabetes? How 3 minutes can help your heart

Tiny breaks from sitting can have a big impact.


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