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A woman looks at a young boy.

Bullying: What parents can do

How to recognize and stop the problem.

A woman drinks a glass of water at her kitchen counter

Diet do's and don'ts for PMS

What to add and subtract from your diet to find relief.

A woman in a face masks walks down a sidewalk.

Who needs a COVID-19 booster shot?

It depends on your risk and which vaccine you got.

A man holding a water bottle with a towel and resistance band slung around his shoulders.

Can kidney stones be prevented?

Yes! Learn how to head them off.

A masked doctor talks to her masked patient.

COVID-19: Why natural immunity is not enough

Vaccines give your immunity a big boost.

A digital blood pressure monitor and cuff. Illustration.

How to lower your blood pressure

Try this 4-step plan.

A woman on a couch works on her laptop.

Long-haulers qualify for disability protections

Learn who qualifies and what it may mean for you. 

A woman rests her hands and cheek on a man's shoulder while looking up at him.

How to support a loved one with arthritis

Open, honest communication can strengthen your bond.

A woman is looking at the camera with her head slightly tilted.

Women and depression: It's time to speak up

Less than half of women with depression seek help.

A hand with a pencil circles a date on a calendar. Illustration.

Skipped your 2nd shot? It's not too late

Get fully vaccinated for your best protection.

A plate with fish, asparagus, broccoli and peppers.

Get the facts about low-carb diets

Low-carb diets are a popular trend. But are they healthy?

A pool area with plants and palm trees.

Vacation rentals: 5 hazards parents should watch for

Before you go, find out how to make sure your rental home is safe as houses.

A woman wearing a mask and holding up her sleeve to get a vaccine.

What is Guillain-Barré syndrome?

This muscle-weakening disorder is rare but treatable.

A man blowing his nose.

How to fend off a summer cold

Plus, why the summer cold is season is worse this year.

A sky filled with dark smoke.

Wildfire smoke may raise the risk of COVID-19

Learn how to avoid the smoke and protect your health.

A man slicing a yellow tomato.

It’s tomato time!

Try these five juicy ideas for using this summer staple.

A couple in a grocery store wearing face masks.

Inside CDC's mask guidance for vaccinated adults

Here's a quick look at the facts.

Two kids fencing with pool noodles.

Create a family-fun Olympic challenge

Get in on the action with these kid-friendly events.

A woman pauses her walk to lean over and press her hip.

Hip check: Is it time for joint replacement?

If these four factors sound too familiar, tell your doctor.

A young woman looking in a mirror puts skin cream on her cheek.

Summer rashes: How to ditch the itch

Follow these simple steps to fend off summertime rashes.


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