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Illustration of a pregnant woman with her hands on her belly.

COVID-19 boosters for moms-to-be

Pregnant? Get the facts about booster shots.

An illustration of a woman holding a glucose meter amid an array of giant diabetes equipment

Diabetes care and COVID-19

If you delayed diabetes care during the pandemic, find out what to do now.

An older man smiles as he uses a tablet.

Medicare open enrollment is ending soon

It can pay to compare plans.

A vintage yellow alarm clock sits on a bedside table.

Is your bedtime good for your heart?

Turning in too early—or too late—is linked to a higher risk of heart disease.

Cups of yogurt topped with berries

Add these superfoods to your diabetes menu

These diabetes-friendly foods can help you eat well.

A sticky note showing a reminder about a doctor appointment

Take time for your health this holiday season

It’s good for you and your wallet.

An older woman presses her hand to her chest.

How to handle heartburn

Simple changes can offer relief.

A man wearing a mask and pulling up his sleeve.

COVID-19 boosters are now available for all adults

Here's why you should consider a shot.

A multigenerational family hugs on a couch

When talk turns to vaccines at Thanksgiving

Tips for talking without arguing.

Hands washing a cutting board in a sink.

How to disinfect kitchen surfaces and utensils

Add these tips to your Thanksgiving checklist.

A cooked turkey in a ceramic dish.

How to safely cook a turkey

Secrets to a safer, stress-free turkey.

A pack of broken, unsmoked cigarettes.

Join the Great American Smokeout

Quitting starts here.

A woman answering questions on a tablet.

Should you be screened for COVID-19?

This easy online tool helps you decide.

A male nurse cleaning a female child's arm in preparation for a vaccine.

How to prepare your child for their first COVID-19 shot

Four steps for a more comfortable vaccine visit.

Illustration of a man and a woman standing side by side.

COPD: 9 signs it's time to call your doctor

Knowing the signs of a COPD flare-up can help you breathe easier.

A selection of fresh herbs

COVID-19: Eating well with a reduced sense of smell

Tips for making meals more appealing.

Woman holds a drawing of a syringe in a paper heart next to the Band-Aid on her arm.

Have diabetes? Here's why you need a flu shot

Find out why flu and diabetes don't mix.

A group of boys and girls wearing masks outside of a school.

What to know about long COVID-19 in kids

Learn how doctors might address it.

A woman looks in the mirror while touching her face.

Are you washing your face the right way?

Find out when and how to wash.

A hand uses scissors to cut a burning cigarette in half.

Quitting smoking? Here's how to make it through the first day

Quitting smoking isn't easy, but it's worth it. Here's what to do when the cravings strike.


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