Marijuana's THC can linger in breast milk for days

It can take almost a week for marijuana's mind-altering ingredient to leave a mom's breast milk.

Published: 09/20/2018

Weight-control drug lorcaserin doesn't appear to increase heart risk

Research sheds light on the safety of this appetite suppressant.

Published: 09/19/2018

A link between E. coli and UTIs

Painful and even deadly urinary tract infections may start with a trip to the grocery store. Learn how this study linked E. coli to poultry.

Published: 09/18/2018

A new report highlights family struggles with smartphones

Many teens say they spend too much time on their phones. But they aren't the only ones who admit to being digitally distracted.

Published: 09/17/2018

Your brain on binge-watching

A look at the pros and cons of a media marathon.

Published: 09/16/2018

Learn about one of the culprits of all that fall sneezing

A single ragweed plant can release 1 million grains of pollen into the air in just one day.

Published: 09/15/2018

Mental health and your heart

Study suggests that psychological distress contributes to heart attack and stroke risk.

Published: 09/14/2018

Experts update guidelines to protect kids

Children should stay in rear-facing seats as long as possible, say new recommendations.

Published: 09/13/2018

Induced labor may actually decrease cesarean births

This info could help make a woman's delivery decision easier.

Published: 09/12/2018

Cervical cancer drops to No. 2 as the most common HPV-related cancer

Learn what's likely behind this change.

Published: 09/11/2018

Daily vaping boosts heart attack risk

For would-be quitters, e-cigarette use can backfire, new research shows.

Published: 09/10/2018

Top baby names—oh, how they change!

Only two names were still top 10 picks 100 years later.

Published: 09/09/2018

The right way to shave

Follow these six steps for a safe, effective shave.

Published: 09/08/2018

Losing some weight is good for you; losing more is even better

A new study found that the more weight people lost, the greater their protection from three of the biggest health threats.

Published: 09/07/2018

How to plate-up more fruits and veggies for kids

Getting kids to eat healthy foods isn't always easy. A relatively simple change might help, according to research.

Published: 09/06/2018

Phantom odors: 1 in 15 American adults smells them

Find out why some people are more likely to smell phantom odors.

Published: 09/05/2018

Online dating: What to know if you're pursuing people out of your league

Scientists put online dating strategies to the test. Find out what they learned.

Published: 09/04/2018

When couples have nasty spats, their guts may suffer

Bad fights with your partner can cause a little-understood but potentially dangerous intestinal condition.

Published: 09/03/2018

Head lice: How to ban these bugs

Follow these tips to help prevent an outbreak at your house.

Published: 09/02/2018

Safe canning 101: Techniques to swear by

Using a pressure cooker is the only way to protect against this deadly bacteria.

Published: 09/01/2018

Too much screen time might hurt a child's vision

Learn how to protect your child's eyes.

Published: 08/31/2018

Speak up about an irritable bowel

Many people don't seek treatment for irritable bowel syndrome. But a doctor can help you manage symptoms of this common condition.

Published: 08/30/2018

Zika: Babies who seem fine at birth may have problems later

Babies affected by Zika need special monitoring throughout early childhood.

Published: 08/29/2018

Hookah: The smoking health risk that’ll blow you away

Marketing claims about the hookah are going up in smoke. A new study explains why the popular pipe is no safer than cigarettes.

Published: 08/28/2018

Got the drunchies? That's why you may be packing on pounds

A study found that, for college kids, drinking heavily and eating unhealthy foods before bed and for the next day's first meal were connected.

Published: 08/27/2018


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