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A road sign in front of a sunset. Sign reads: "Heat wave ahead."

5 ways to save power in a heat wave

You can help avoid outages and save money when temps rise.

A young man getting a vaccine.

The Delta variant: What you need to know

Why is this strain of the coronavirus a concern?

3 kids walking on a log while hiking.

Hiking or camping? 3 poisonous plants to know before you go

Plus, what to do if you come into contact with them.

A teenager with blue hair and glasses.

Teen violence is common but preventable

Preventing teen violence can give kids a healthier future.

A woman with long dark hair.

7 ways to stop damaging your hair

Are you hurting your hair without knowing it?

A woman at a farmers market stall.

Sustainable eating is a win-win

Here are a few good habits to start with.

A teenager in a pink hoodie.

Q&A: Rare heart issues after a COVID-19 shot

Are they related—or coincidence?

An eye surrounded by brackets. Illustration.

9 facts about cataracts

Shed some light on this common eye condition.

Two women using a climbing wall.

Fitness friends are back

Explore a few fun ways to work out together again.

A man wearing a hearing aid.

How to choose a hearing aid

Smart questions to ask before you buy.

A smiling young woman with purple hair.

Take pride in your heart health

7 ways LGBTQIA2S+ people can lower their heart disease risk.

A woman hugs a child, both wearing face masks.

Is your child too young to be vaccinated?

Here's how to protect their body and mind while they wait.

An open-mouthed man asleep in bed.

What's behind your snore?

Find out what causes snoring and how you can stop it.

A middle-aged man with folded arms.

4 things to know about kratom

It's not approved to treat addiction, pain or anything else.

Sliced strawberries.

Arthritis-friendly foods to fill your plate with

A diet rich in fruits and veggies may help ease sore joints.

A woman lies in bed looking at a thermometer.

Feeling sick after your get-together?

Here are 5 steps to keep everyone safer.

A woman in a striped shirt outdoors.

5 facts about fibromyalgia

The cause may be a mystery, but the pain is very real.

A man and boy hiking through the woods.

Don't be a mosquito magnet

5 ways to fight the bite.

A woman holds a child in a pool.

5 swimming skills that can save your life

It's never too late to learn.

A crowd of people, some masked, some unmasked. Illustration.

Get ready for holiday get-togethers

What to know about mingling with mixed crowds.


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