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A woman sits on a couch, pressing her hands to her temples.

6 ways to avoid summer migraines

Sun and heat may trigger migraines. (2 min. read)

A smiling man reclines on a hammock, holding a book.

6 ways summer can mess with diabetes

When temperatures rise, so can blood sugar.

Photo of man hitting yellow pickleball over the net on a pickleball court.

Men: Your healthy lifestyle guide

Try these healthy-living staples (3 min. read)

Tops of soda cans in ice

Sweeteners not helpful for long-term weight loss

The WHO’s advice doesn’t apply to all. (2 min. read)

A head with dots indicating a headache

Do you know the facts about headache triggers?

What's really making your head ache? (2 min. read)

A photo of a woman sitting on a couch and listening to headphones.

Life after cancer: Your scanxiety survival guide

Waiting for test results? Read this. (2 min. read)

Snoring man lying next to grimacing woman with pillow folded over her ears.

What men need to know about sleep apnea

Snoring could signal sleep apnea. (2 min. read)

Bare feet standing on a scale.

What causes weight gain?

Manage the issues contributing to your weight gain.

Woman watching a young boy splash his feet in a pool.

Keep kids safe around water this summer

Protect kids from drowning with these six tips.

A bird's-eye view of a charcoal grill with hot coals.

Summer cookout safety

Keep your guests safe with these summer cookout tips.

A man sits on a couch and uses a blood pressure monitor.

How to lower your blood pressure

Small changes add up. (2 min. read)

A woman runs while holding a water bottle.

5 steps to prevent running injuries

Love to run? Read this. (2 min. read)

Woman with fingers pressed to her temples.

Are hormone changes causing your migraines?

Avoiding triggers helps to reduce migraines. (3 min. read)

A girl blows out a birthday candle shaped like a 3 as friends watch.

Peanut allergies: How treatment helps

Treatment can reduce the risk of anaphylaxis. (3 min. read)

A row of herbs hung to dry.

10 ways to cut back on sodium

Ditch the salt, not the flavor. (4 min. read)

Two men in a coffee shop look at a phone and smile at each other.

Loneliness can harm your health

Get the facts. (3 min. read)

A woman lies awake in bed.

Menopause: 8 ways to sleep better

You’re going to need a fan. (2 min. read)

A cartoon of a man's face indicating disorientation.

Transient ischemic attacks: Heed the warning

Call 911 right away. (2 min. read)

A woman slices vegetables as a man holding a pot stands behind her

MIND diet could help fight off dementia

Berries? Yes, please! (3 min. read)

A doctor shows an older woman an x-ray of her spine.

Osteoporosis: Bounce back after a broken bone

One fracture is enough. (Reading time: 2 minutes.)


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