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Orange and white capsules spill from a white pill bottle.

Penicillin: You might not be allergic after all

Were you told you had a penicillin allergy?

A smiling man hugs a smiling woman as she lifts his straw hat.

7 ways to stay safe in the sun

If your shadow is shorter than you are, seek shade.

A young girl takes a red pepper from a grocery display as her parents help.

6 tips for healthy food shopping on a budget

Make your next grocery run a success.

A woman checking her blood pressure.

9 ways you can control your blood pressure

What can you do to manage your blood pressure? A lot.

A full baby bottle on its side next to a pacifier.

The dangers of homemade baby formula

Homemade formula can cause serious health problems.

A woman holds her hands to her temples.

Ringing in your ears?

It could be tinnitus.

Three chicks in green grass.

Bird flu and backyard poultry

Raising backyard birds? Follow these safety tips.

Three kids gather around their smartphones.

Here's to healthy gaming

Help young gamers have a positive experience.

Drawing of an anatomical heart in a man's chest with a monitor lead.

Heart rhythm problem linked to stroke risk

Atrial fibrillation affects at least 2.7 million Americans.

A woman helps a young boy wash his hands.

What to know about the hepatitis outbreak in kids

Health officials are looking for possible causes.

A smiling woman holds a smoothie while looking out a window.

10 screening tests women need

Screening tests can help find problems early.

Aspirin spilling out of a bottle.

Aspirin therapy: What do the new guidelines mean for you?

If you already take daily aspirin, don't stop.

A digital representation of the virus that causes COVID-19.

Coronavirus variants: The basics

Answers to common questions about coronavirus variants.

A young boy smiles at a doctor and flexes his bicep to display an adhesive bandage.

Stay on top of your kid's shots

Behind on vaccines? Now's the time to catch up.

A woman sits on a couch, holding a tablet.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver linked to heart disease

Prevention and early screening are key.

A flowerpot, potted plant and gardening tools on a wooden floor.

Arthritis-friendly gardening

These tips can make gardening more accessible.

A woman lies in bed with a sleep mask over her eyes.

Is melatonin a safe sleep solution?

Get the facts on this sleep supplement.

A woman on an elliptical machine with other gym patrons in the background.

The air out there: Tips for avoiding pollution

Air pollution can harm your health, both now and later.

An older couple hold hands as they walk down a trail with a black dog between them.

8 ways to lower your risk for stroke

Help protect yourself from stroke.

A masked woman talks to her doctor.

The link between mental health and COVID-19

See how conditions raise your risk—even after the vaccine.


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