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A man talks on a cellphone while looking at a computer screen.

8 ways to manage ADHD on the job

These tips can help you stay focused.

Gloved hands place a small bandage on a person's upper arm.

How to protect against polio in the U.S.

CDC has confirmed that polio is spreading in the U.S.

A cup of coffee and coffee beans.

Coffee: How much is too much?

Here's what you should know about your daily coffee intake.

An illustration of a vaccine vial and a syringe.

Prep now for winter colds and the flu

Take action before cold and flu germs get here.

A young woman looks up into the camera.

Alcohol and cancer: What you need to know

Even small amounts of alcohol can raise your cancer risk, research suggests.

An older man bends to shake his poodle's paw.

Healthy habits may reduce your risk for prostate cancer

Medication may lower risk as well.

A smiling woman stretches her arm overhead. Behind her, a man does the same.

Diabetes: How does exercise affect your blood sugar?

Some types of exercise can actually raise your blood sugar in the short term.

A woman holds a baby and a bag of groceries. Her car is behind her with the trunk open.

10 questions to ask about car seats

More than half of car seats are not used or installed correctly.

A woman walks through fallen leaves in a park.

Walking for exercise: A beginner's guide

Here's how to start on the right foot.

A basket of red apples and white flowers.

Celebrate fall apples

Eat this snack to increase your daily fiber.

An older woman walks with her arms linked with a younger woman as they both laugh.

5 fall-prevention exercises you can do at home

Balance exercises can help older adults avoid falls.

A woman in scrubs bandages another woman’s arm after a vaccine.

New COVID-19 boosters target variants

Here’s why these shots are important.

Mom with cancer and her young daughter stick their tongues out with a smile.

How much do you know about bone marrow transplants?

Donation doesn't usually mean surgery.

A spread of colorful foods, including berries, nuts and seeds, vegetables, and cheese.

7 ways to control your cholesterol

These seven habits help put heart health on the menu.

A man, woman and two children smile and display bandages on their upper arms.

How to prep your family for winter colds and the flu

Take action before cold and flu germs get here.

A family gathers on a couch to look at a map. An emergency kit is open on the table.

Make a family emergency plan

Know where to go and how to stay in touch.

There's a reason to see your doctor before quitting gluten.

Understanding celiac disease: Learn these 5 facts

There's a reason to see your doctor before quitting gluten.

A woman on a couch talks to a man with his back to the camera.

Suicide: 4 ways to find help

If you're considering suicide, reach out.

An illustration of hands holding buzzing phones.

Is social media hurting your mental health?

Try these tips for striking a healthier balance.

A bowl of granola with fruits and yogurt.

Snack smart for better workouts and exercise

Perform your best with the right foods and hydration.


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