Community Partner Highlight: St. Vincent de Paul Helps Fight Diabetes

With a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona’s Mobilize AZ initiative, St. Vincent de Paul increased community access to diabetes education and counseling. Plus, the nonprofit received a donation from BCBSAZ to help purchase Thanksgiving meals for those in need.

‘A Basic Human Right:’ Girl Scout Leads a Clean Drinking Water Project in South Phoenix

Water Works is designed to provide clean drinking water to the farmers and gardeners who are working hard to ensure South Phoenix families have access to fruits and vegetables at the Spaces of Opportunity community garden.

Potential “Tripledemic" as RSV Spikes Early in Arizona

RSV doesn’t usually get as much attention as COVID-19 or influenza, but this year is different. We are seeing a significant increase in the number of RSV cases in Arizona this season, particularly in children.

What We Know About Long COVID So Far

The most recent survey from the CDC estimates that about 17% of all Arizona adults have experienced long COVID. Learn about the signs and symptoms and where to reach out for support.

Diabetes in Arizona: The Numbers, Risks, and Resources

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. It is important to note there are two different types of diabetes, each with different causes and potentially very different outcomes.

Breast Cancer in Arizona & Helpful Tips

Women should start self-examining their breasts in their 20s. Why? When you familiarize yourself with your body, you’ll be more likely to flag any changes to your doctor.

Breaking Down How Health Insurance Works

What is a deductible? And will a higher deductible lead to higher out-of-pocket costs? What about a copay? We’re breaking down the terminology so you can better understand health insurance in action.

When, Where, and Why You Should Get the Flu Shot

We turned to Dr. Cara Christ, our Chief Medical Officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, to answer your top questions as she encourages everyone to roll up their sleeves and get the influenza vaccine.

National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

Arizona has been especially hard hit by opioid misuse. In 2017, a statewide public health emergency was declared to reduce opioid deaths.

Mental Health First Aid Training is just as important as First Aid/CPR

You may not be a doctor, but if you've taken a first aid/CPR course, you could save a life.


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