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The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona blog is a part of our commitment to inspire health and make it easy. Let's face it, the health landscape is complicated so we're providing quick reads to simplify it for you. Here you will find breakdowns of the latest health news, health insurance explainers so you can get the most out of your benefits, Q&As with our experts and leaders, community initiatives and highlights, helpful health tips, and recipes! Plus, read stories about our work, our people, and why we love what we do. The BCBSAZ blog is a resource for our members and all Arizonans, we hope you explore this page and learn something new.

How a Care Manager Can Help You

Many members with complex conditions are unaware they have access to this resource that can help them navigate the healthcare system at no additional cost.

Sleep is the Not-So-Secret Ingredient for Better Health

Many of us don’t get the sleep we need – and that could lead to health issues.

Tour de Cure: A Good Workout & Great Cause 

The goal is to raise money, bring people together to learn about diabetes, and support those living with it.

Blueprint for Happiness: What is the Leading Driver of Happiness? 

New research shows there’s a leading common denominator in those who have achieved long-term happiness.

Blueprint for Happiness: Health Benefits of Getting Out in Nature 

Research shows that contact and connectedness with nature can lead to improvements in mood, cognition, and health.

Navigating Next Steps After a Serious Diagnosis

We put together a guide of six immediate steps you can take to connect you with the care and support you need when you need it most.

Stay Informed: Study Says Diabetes Rates Could Surge in Young People

A new study published by the American Diabetes Association reveals that type 2 diabetes in people under the age of 20 may increase dramatically by 2060 – nearly 675% – if trends continue.

Healthy and Fun Things to do with Friends & Family While They’re Here for the Super Bowl

We’ve put together a list of super fun things to do if you have downtime before the Super Bowl. As a health insurance organization, we had to include some healthy options!

Make Your Heart Happy by Focusing on Your Cardiovascular Health 

February marks American Heart Month. As the leading cause of death in the U.S., heart disease could affect you or someone you love. Sadly – it is the leading cause of death in Arizona, too.


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